Relax in the middle
the beautiful Veluwe at Bospark de Vossenberg.

Rent a Tiny House on the Veluwe

Located in the middle of the breathtaking Veluwe, a stone's throw from the beautiful Sand puddle, Taiga Tiny House in Nunspeet invites you for an unforgettable weekend away. Rent a Tiny House on the Veluwe and experience the inspiration of vast forests and the natural beauty of the northern landscape.

The term 'Taiga' reflects the subarctic, boreal forest region that spans both North America and Eurasia. At Tiny House Taiga on the Veluwe, it is all about embracing peace and serenity, which are so characteristic of remote and rugged landscapes. Our cottage exudes the atmosphere of the taiga, embracing the harmony of nature and respecting the simple beauty of this environment. We sincerely hope that you find the same peaceful place here as we envisioned.

Taiga Tiny House Veluwe offers you a comfortable Swiss Sense bed, which invites you to a wonderful night's sleep in the middle of this unique environment on the Veluwe in Nunspeet. Enjoy invigorating moments with the Nespresso and make use of the excellent WiFi, ideal for an uninterrupted weekend away or even for a productive 'workcation' on the Veluwe.

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Vrouw ontspanning op de Veluwe

"In the middle of the Veluwe in Nunspeet, a cozy spot full of joy and relaxation."

Queen bed



Rain shower

Free parking

Speeltuin de Vossenberg Veluwe

Bospark de Vossenberg
the Veluwe

Discover and enjoy a special stay in the Tiny House on Bospark de Vossenberg in Nunspeet, located on the beautiful Veluwe. Rent a Tiny House on the Veluwe for a unique and relaxing holiday experience. The cozy house on the Veluwe offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with its spacious plot of 100m2. Enjoy a compact kitchen, play various games and experience the pleasure of being together, far away from the distraction of a television.

During your stay you can make full use of the facilities of Bospark de Vossenberg in Nunspeet, such as renting a tennis court or bicycles, a cozy café for delicious meals, various play facilities for children and even a handy bread service for fresh breakfast sandwiches every day.

Choose a unique and relaxing holiday experience on the Veluwe, combining the charming Taiga Tiny House with the beautiful natural surroundings of Bospark de Vossenberg in Nunspeet.

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